Hofstra University goes Italian this month

September 8, 2012 by  

This year, Hofstra University will be hosting its 20th Annual Italian Experience Festival. Unlike many other festivals, the Hofstra festival focuses on the way in which Italian tradition has influenced American culture. It will feature food vendors, handmade crafts, and cultural exhibitions, as well as music, dance, and other forms of entertainment.

Filippo Voltaggio is one of the scheduled guests and is a world-renowned singer who has released two albums and won several competitions. He has also appeared in movies and on television and radio, most notably on the syndicated programs ‘LIFEChanges with Filippo’ and ‘Filippo and the Chef’.

Coro d’Italia, a group that will perform authentic Italian folk music in traditional costume, will be on hand as well. The Poets and Writers Piazza, led by award winning poet Louisa Calio, will be perform contemporary works by Italian-American writers. Other entertainers include The Long Island Mandolin and Guitar Orchestra, The San Remo Duo, Bronx Opera Company members, and Katie’s Puppets.

Hofstra University is known for its heritage festivals and has very popular Dutch and Irish festivals as well. The Italian festival will take place on September 23 from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm on South Campus regardless of the weather.

Printing companies may be called on to create banners for the different vendors and performers. They may also be called on to create flyers and promotional materials to draw in crowds from surrounding areas in Long Island, like Hempstead, Garden City, Westbury, Freeport, and Island Park.