Valentine’s Day feelings to be scribbled down

February 5, 2013 by  

Whether people want to create a touching love letter for that special someone this Valentine’s Day, or really hate the holiday and want to let out some frustration, an event is coming up that could satisfy either whim.

This Valentine’s Day, Blackbird Attic, a consignment boutique in Beacon, New York, will be hosting an interactive art display for anyone who wants to participate. The show is entitled ‘Love/Hate’, and it invites people to submit love or hate letters anonymously to the store. These letters can be submitted electronically, though there will also be a typewriter available in the store for people to write on as well. The store is open Thursday through Sunday from noon until 5:00 pm for those who wish to write in the store.

The final deadline for submissions is this Thursday, February 7. The show will then be on display on Saturday, February 9, from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. Refreshments will be served during that time for anyone who wants to attend. Guest can take the opportunity to showcase their love letter to their valentine, or they can feel the wonderful catharsis of having a scathing note written to their ex displayed for all to see.

Michelle Cave, the owner of Blackbird Attic, may call on print companies to create flyers to draw potential customers to her store. This showcase, and the ability for people to participate in it, could serve as a good tagline to attract customers. Flyers could be distributed in Beacon, as well as nearby areas like Poughkeepsie or Hyde Park.