Town-Wide Tag Sale taking place April 21st

April 11, 2012 by  

Between the upcoming presentation on Autism and the Town-Wide Tag Sale coming up later in the month, it’s immediately clear that things are warming up for Hyde Park business owners where the numbers are concerned.

Although a lot of research has been made in the field and many people have had some exposure to various disabilities, autism is likely one of the most misunderstood disorders today. Recognized as a part of the autism spectrum, what businesses aren’t always aware of is the smaller ways in which these individuals can be accommodated.

In recognition of this, the Anderson Center for Autism will be hosting a presentation on how their consulting efforts have helped Hyde Park business owners in this regard. Taking place on the 12th, those who would like to register for this one will have to get in touch with the chamber.

Speaking of hosted events that’ll require a certain amount of preparation, the Hyde Park Chamber of Commerce is going to be sponsoring a Tag Sale on the 28th and 29th. Offering everything from map placement to tables at Town Hall, a manager will have to get in touch with one of the more trustworthy printing companies in Hyde Park to order such printing services as brochures, flyer printing, and possibly banner printing as well.

In any case, individuals are being asked to fill out the registration forms available on the site and to send payment. With the fees going up after the 21st, however, it’ll be necessary for participating companies to register early.