Farmers’ market to get started in Hyde Park

June 3, 2012 by  

On June 4, the Hyde Park Farmers’ Market will be reopening for the summer. This year will mark the sixth year for the market, which runs until the last weekend of October.

The market is located in the Hyde Park Town Hall Parking Lot and takes place every Saturday between 9:00 am and 2:00 pm. It features local produce, cheese, meat, and flowers from farms in the surrounding Hudson Valley. It is likely that these farmers will want to hire printing companies to create informational brochures about their products and keep their buyers informed about the benefits of local produce.

The event is hosted by Paul and Dot Chenevert, who own Green Oak Florists. This year, due to the past success of the market, they are bringing in more vendors each weekend. Banner printing will be needed to help these new vendors create signs and attract customers. Mr. Chenevert said:

“We hope that the event will be bigger than ever.”

No doubt, therefore, that print companies will be hard at work making flyers and other promotional materials so that the market can draw in more patrons and be as big as Mr. Chenevert hopes.

The market has been successful enough to generate extra income, currently being used to provide scholarships for high school students who are interested in studying agriculture. It is the only organization offering this in the state of New York. Informational and promotional brochures regarding the scholarships will need to be on hand at the market to spread the word to any students who might be interested in taking advantage of the program.