Area to celebrate its perfect parks

May 1, 2013 by  

This weekend, Mills State Park and the Staatsburgh State Historic Site will be participating in ‘I Love My Park’ Day – an event designed to get people to volunteer to clean up state parks.

The program seeks to make the needs of the park system more publicly visible and to generate support for the park system, especially during lean financial times.

Those who are interested in volunteering will be working on the garden walkway located south of the park’s mansion. This was where the gardeners of the Mills’ estate used to work and cultivate many different types of flowers. Some of these varieties were award-winning, and the Mills often donated them to churches and hospitals in the area.

Volunteers will have the chance to continue this cultivation tradition by helping out. Of course, all of the work will take place outdoors and offers a good opportunity for anyone over the age of 13 to enjoy the fresh air while doing their community no harm at all. If there is heavy rain, the event will be canceled or rescheduled.

Organizers for sites like Mills State Park often turn to printing companies to handle a variety of needs. In the case of an event like this, print companies can create flyers and promotional posters that will be helpful for advertising in Staatsburgh and other nearby areas like Hyde Park or Poughkeepsie.

The day’s activities are scheduled for this Saturday, May 4, and the Parks and Trails New York website has more info on how to get involved.