Time for tea at Tiggywinks

July 1, 2013 by  

Tomorrow afternoon, Tiggywinks Boutique will be hosting its second Tea Party Tuesday of this summer.

The event is meant for children of ages three and up. They will be treated to tea and iced tea beverages, as well as tea party related snacks. They will also learn tea party etiquette and craft. Of course, children will be able to dress up as if they were attending a formal tea party and, on top of that, will receive a dress up item that they can take home.

Tiggywinks Boutique is located in Northport, New York – part of the greater Huntington township. It sits on top of the Antiques at Northport shop. The store primarily sells vintage clothing for children.

It is likely that organizers for this event will want to advertise these tea parties, as well as their store. Printing companies can help with advertising by creating flyers, postcards, and promotional posters that will draw attention to the store and any events it holds. They may also want printing companies to create catalogs or informational brochures so that customers can browse an inventory of their products or items that will be stocked in the future.

The first of these events took place last week on June 25, but they will be taking place for the rest of the summer, up until the end of August. Only eight children are allowed per tea party, so making reservations is recommended. The admission fee for each child is $20.