Huntington Chamber members marketing themselves creatively

December 29, 2011 by  

At least two members of Huntington’s Chamber of Commerce chapter are taking a unique approach to self-promotion.

Starting with the Fotofoto Gallery’s National Photography Competition, this member has used the contest as a means of getting the company’s name out there. Although things are a little bit different for Fotofoto Gallery because the company is a registered non-profit, the concept is still the same.

Their mission is stated on their site as follows:

“Our purpose is to conduct a cooperative photographic gallery dedicated to the encouragement of the artistic development of photographers, without limit to subject matter or technique; to serve both its members and the public by organizing exhibitions, lectures, critiques, demonstrations, seminars and instruction; and by the sharing of experiences both at our current location and at locations outside of our physical space.”

By hosting a competition that’s complete with a reception and everything, Fotofoto has been able to raise its profile and draw in more people. The fact that the contest lasts for a few weeks at a time is also a point in the gallery’s favor.

Not unlike Fotofoto, The Paramount is another Chamber member that has seemingly been using a combination of flyer and poster printing along with the Internet to promote its regular events.

Recent case in point, Pitbull will be performing at The Paramount on the 30th. This event has been posted in a lot areas and each time it’s been brought up, people have had an easy way to get involved.

The results of these strategies prove that businesses can market through contests or by catering to people’s needs and still be successful.