Finnegan’s joining mystery tours

June 14, 2018 by  

Finnegan’s, a popular restaurant in Huntington, is the latest to join the fun of the Food Done It and the Edible Mystery Tours. The concept is for guests to solve a mystery, and enjoy a great meal at the same time, as they go from restaurant to restaurant tracking down clues.

The tours are self-guided via a web-based application that can be accessed on a smartphone. They are designed for groups ranging from three to eight participants, and may take anywhere from three to six hours.

Once a group has registered for the tour, the app will send participants to their first stop on the day they have requested. At the restaurant/location, the chef will provide a small plate, and the group will receive information about the “crime” and the likely suspects. The group will then work together, using the app, to answer trivia, interrogate suspects, and solve puzzles. If they are successful, they will receive directions to their next stop, where they will have another course of their meal and be given another clue.

The evening progresses through five or six courses at different establishments, until the amateur sleuths solve the crime, and have a great meal in the process.

Participating restaurants choose what they are going to serve game participants, and reserve the right to change their menu without notice. The cost per person is $60.

Restaurants in games like this might consider distributing promotional products to players, to build brand recognition.