Crafy Christmas ideas on the way

November 2, 2012 by  

Those who want to get a head start on holiday shopping will be interested to know that, over the weekend, Preferred Promotions will be hosting the Artisan Fine Craft Festival at St. Paul’s Fieldhouse in Garden City, New York. Over 100 juried artists and craftsmen will be on hand selling fine crafts such as pieces of stained glass, jewelry, pottery, carved wooden pieces, hand-painted holiday ornaments, table linens, and clothing. Vendors with homemade food are also expected to be on hand. Admission is free for anyone under the age of 12 and $5 for everyone else.

Preferred Promotions was created by Don and Rachel Frislid in 1996. After spending several years traveling to visit craft shows, the couple settled down in Long Island to start a family. However, they missed the shows and the friends they had made during their travels, so they decided to hold their own craft events in Long Island. The first show was held in Stonybrook. Since then, they have expanded to have more shows all over Long Island.

Garden City is not far from Huntington, Hicksville, Lynbrook, and Mineola. Organizers of events like this often ask printing companies to create promotional flyers, so that they can draw in crowds from these towns and other nearby areas. Organizers are also still looking for more vendors to work at the event, and flyers could help to make potential vendors aware of the festival. Print companies could also be called on to create banners and business cards for vendors who are working the event, which is set to be held on the weekend of November 17.