Benefit concert is coming to the Cinema Arts Center

February 8, 2013 by  

Later this month, a pair of Long Island bands will be playing a benefit concert at the Cinema Arts Center (CAC)in Huntington, New York.

Coincidence Machine, a jam band, will be performing tracks from its album ‘Upside Down’, as well as some newer materials, and jazz group We Three will be performing a set as well. Both bands may perform together at the end of the evening. All proceeds that are generated from the concert will go towards supporting the CAC.

The CAC is a non-profit community movie theater. Founded by Charlotte Sky, Vic Skolnick and Dylan Skolnick 40 years ago, the cinema features three state of the art theaters, one of which can seat nearly 300 people. It plays a wide array of films, ranging from popular movies, to restored classics, to cutting edge art films. It also hosts educational programs and workshops in film making and screenwriting, as well as classes for middle and high-schoolers. It also hosts discussions with actors, producers, directors, and critics, such as Spike Lee, George Romero, Carol Burnett, and Isabella Rossellini.

Taking place on Friday, February 22, the concert is set to run from 10:00 pm until midnight. The minimum suggested donation is $10, though patrons are encouraged to donate more. The CAC may hire print companies in the area to create flyers to advertise for this event. Organizers may also require print companies to create informational brochures so that attendees can be informed about programs the theater runs, as well as any upcoming events.