Art placed on Huntington signal boxes

August 22, 2017 by  

Huntington, New York, has come up with a novel solution to the problem of people posting notices on traffic signal boxes: the town has been decorating the boxes with original works of art.

A selection of 10 boxes were decorated earlier this year when the program began, and more artwork was installed in the last several weeks. Robert Giordano’s piece, entitled ‘Sunrise on Huntington Bay’ won a place on a box in the downtown area.

William Low, a resident of Huntington, has two of his works on display: “Tacking off the Cape” is at New and Main streets, and “Bumblebee” can be found at Clinton and Main streets. The signal box at New York Avenue and Main Street sports “Flowers,” by John A. Pierce. The installation of 2017’s remaining boxes will be finished by the end of September.

Huntington Station is also enjoying new art on one of its boxes as well, the first time art has been installed there. The box at East 13th Street and Depot Road boasts ‘The Healing When the Sky Opens Up’ by Monica Chulewicz.

Huntington started displaying public art in 2014, when it invited artists to create original works. Five of these were put on display in 2015 to help curtail the use of signal boxes as sign boards, or targeted by graffiti artists. Putting up the artworks makes maintenance much simpler.

Since the signal boxes are now artworks, officials could create illustrated brochures for visitors, describing the artists and their works.