Hicksville wins grant to revitalize downtown

August 22, 2017 by  

New York governor Andrew Cuomo paid a visit to Hicksville recently, and spoke at the community center. During his speech, the governor revealed that Hicksville has won a $10 million grant to help in redeveloping its downtown area.

The project, which has been in the works for a year, centers on the area around Hicksville’s Long Island Rail Road station, which will be transformed into a lively area with retailers and businesses at street level, with housing on as many as three upper stories.

In his speech, Cuomo said the grant, which is part of a statewide initiative to revitalize downtowns, is designed to help develop a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood centered on a transit system, which is the type of area young adults prefer.

The LIRR depot has been revamped by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, an effort that cost $121m. The station’s revitalization, which included putting in a third track, coupled with the new work on the immediate area, will not only improve the reliability of train service, but will make the village over all stronger than ever, Cuomo said.

Lionel Chitty, president of the Hicksville Chamber of Commerce, said the new grant will increase support for the project by attracting developers to the village.

Since this project affects everyone, village officials might consider working with a newsletter printing company to create an informative letter for residents.