Entrepreneurial Excellence Business Forums to present “The Strategic Revenue Cycle” January 25th

January 14, 2012 by  

The Entrepreneurial Excellence Business Forums (EBBF) will be holding yet another one of its informative discussions at 6:00 pm on January 25th.

EBBF has proudly announced that the topic of this month’s meeting is “The Strategic Revenue Cycle”. This discussion is currently being described as follows by organizers:

“For the SBO (Small Business Owner) the Strategic Revenue Cycle is usually the most important aspect of their company. This is where revenue is generated. Marketing must feed Sales, Sales feeds Customer Service and Customer Service feeds Marketing……or it should be. The problem with most businesses is that these three divisions of the company exist but they are not working as a Strategic Revenue Cycle; they stand as silos.

In this session we are going to go through what exactly the SRC is and how to get this revenue cycle working in your business.”

Being hosted at the Empire State Building’s Virgo Business Centers, the $35.00 cost will be enough to cover food and drinks as well as the presentation.

One aspect of Entrepreneurial Excellence Business Forums that may differ from what professionals are accustomed to is the fact that while business card printing is often used by members, this is “not a networking group”. The emphasis at these gatherings seems to be on the development of business skill. Of course, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing as many members have been able to testify as to how these presentations have positively impacted their bottom lines.

Hicksville-based business owners may want to keep an eye open for this one.