Chamber luncheon to include Anthony Robbins presentation

February 16, 2012 by  

The Hicksville Chamber of Commerce will be holding a luncheon February 21st where Peppercorns Restaurant & Catering is once again providing the food.

As per usual, the chamber’s luncheon is taking place at the chamber where once again members of the business community are invited to come out and network while enjoying a fantastic meal. What makes this particular meet-up stand out as more of an event than the others is the “Anthony Robbins Peak Performance Workshop” that’s being featured.

Already well known as an author and a speaker, the contributions Mr. Robbins has made in the field of self-help have made him a respected name where motivational seminars are concerned.

During this luncheon, Mark Ochoa of the Anthony Robbins Company will be giving this presentation. As a respected expert in Peak Performance and an excellent speaker in his own right, Mr. Ochoa’s talk is one that Hicksville professionals won’t want to miss.

As for the content of this workshop, the site describes objectives as follows:

“ • The 3 actions you absolutely must take to be successful under current market conditions

• The 2 obstacles that are drastically limiting your sales and career right now and how to conquer them

• One of the most powerful techniques ever taught for overcoming frustration and preparing yourself mentally and emotionally for success

• How to earn more referrals; even from people who have said “no” to doing business with you

• How to have balance in your life and increase your income at the same time” (sic.)

Sign up and arrive with business card printing and an open mind.