Upcoming film fun for Hewlett community

August 22, 2012 by  

Hewlett residents can finish off August with a short drive to take in the first Long Beach International Film Festival. Craig Weintraub, the festival’s co-founder, has high hopes and a grand vision for growing the event in coming years.

The festival will have its debut run on the beach outside the Allegria Hotel in the town of Long Beach. Entitled ‘Shorts on the Beach’, the evening will feature the works of 10 to 20 filmmakers.

Christine Lopez, director of marketing for the festival, noted:

“It’s generating a lot of excitement. I’m very passionate about it. It will bring a lot more exposure to Long Island as a viable place for movie companies and filmmakers to film their projects.”

This first year, Weintraub has styled the event as a preview of the future. To encourage attendance, no admission is being charged and all films will be family-friendly. Spectators should plan to bring lawn chairs and picnic baskets for the three-hour event.

In addition to broadening the options of arts events in a community, well-established film festivals can also be a source of income for local businesses. From the print company that produces souvenir programs and posters to the eateries that gain new patrons, this type of event has the potential to boost the bottom line.

Scheduled for August 30 at 7:30 in the evening, festival organizers are hopeful this year’s attendance will reach the 300 mark. Weintraub adds:

“This is just a little preview introducing ourselves to the public with a free screening.”

According to the co-founder, film categories, awards, and prizes will be in the offing at next year’s event.