Solution found for bored poolside Hewlett parents

August 17, 2017 by  

A free source of entertainment is now available in the Hewlett area for anyone that wants to enjoy a little quiet time.

Since it is not unusual for parents to become a little restless while waiting for their child’s swimming lesson to end, or as the kids play on the beach, the town of Hempstead is offering a solution by following the examples set elsewhere in neighboring communities. They are now installing what is referred to as ‘little library boxes’.

These boxes contain a variety of books generously donated by local libraries that everyone in the community is free to borrow and return when finished. The boxes contain books from a variety of genres, and the options are often very popular titles from notable authors.

The boxes also contain books for children, offering an opportunity for parents and teachers to encourage their little ones to continue reading during their summer break. Community groups can help to spread the word about the service by printing brochures or flyers with examples of the titles available, as well as with poster printing to explain why the “libraries” are suddenly appearing.

There are currently plans to install 16 boxes around Hempstead and town officials have received requests for nine others. The public is encouraged to bring their unwanted books to the boxes and leave them for someone else to enjoy. Several other Long Island communities are offering the same service and librarians and others hope their existence will help to encourage more people to spend some time with a good book.