New York all ears for new hearing aid procedure

May 31, 2013 by  

Just down the road from Hewlett, in Lynbrook, a woman has become the first person in the state to try out a new procedure for hearing implants.

Libby Martinez completely lost the hearing in one of her ears two years ago, but had experienced hearing difficulty for the last 17 years. With little to lose, she opted to try out the services of Dr. Anil Lalwani, whose procedures she discovered on the Internet.

Dr. Lalwani inserted a hearing device not into Martinez’s ear, but into a section of her skull behind her affected right ear. The operation took place on May 22 and, though the sound echoes slightly, Martinez is able to hear once more.

Speaking to a local radio station after the procedure, Martinez spoke excitedly about regaining a sense that most people take for granted. She said:

“I am so happy today that I got my hearing back. I am ecstatic.

“The first thing I heard the doctor say was, ‘Is it working? Can you hear me?’ and I went, ‘yes.’”

Martinez explained that her hearing disappeared as a consequence of ear problems when she was younger. Although her hearing was fine, she would experience bleeding from her right ear, and the resultant tissue growths and operations needed to remove them left her unable to hear.

With New York claiming its first successful operation of this kind, those who experience deafness and hearing problems in the state are likely to have their attention pricked, so ear surgeons in the area might want to consider putting together a new business card printing order to show what they can do to help the afflicted.