New parking designs recommended for Long Island downtowns

January 25, 2014 by  

Rockville Centre and three other towns close to Hewlett will be the recipients of new parking arrangements as part of the ParkingPLUS Design Challenge of Long Island Index, a project of the Rauch Foundation.

According to the Executive Chairman of Forest City Ratner Companies, Bruce Ratner, these new parking designs are being used to grow the downtowns on Long Island by creating parking structures that interact with the downtown neighborhoods. It’s possible that Long Island Index is looking to flyer printing and other printing services to let residents of Long Island become aware of their projects.

In Rockville Centre, the new proposed parking structure would double as a destination for visitors. When the demand for parking is high during the week, the ground level would be used for parking. When the demand is less like on weekends or holidays, the ground level would become a place for school events, markets and other activities so as to draw people into the area.

The new design, as created by Utile Inc. designers working with the town, focused on the Long Island Railroad parking structure and added arches to the existing pre-World War II to make the structure more attractive and functional. They were also able to come up with places for 500 cars.

The ParkingPLUS design challenge was developed to transform the more than 4,000 acres of parking lots in and around the downtown areas of Long Island into areas that can capitalize on the economic potential of these areas. The “PLUSes” could include incorporating local amenities that could contribute to the revitalization of these downtown spaces.