Hewlett’s pizza perfect eatery

September 30, 2012 by  

In Hewlett, Peter Porcelli, owner of The Pizza Place, has found the formula for success that makes his restaurant stand out. Though the eatery is not new, the quality of the food makes it a local staple, a coveted standard few restaurants attain in the competitive dining business. Porcelli said:

“I oversee the chefs and make sure we only put out top quality food,

“I run a very clean store. I’ve been doing this for a long time, and this place is doing pretty well.”

One employee of The Pizza Place, Anna Maria Concilio, who has worked at the restaurant for nearly 13 years, said:

“I’ve known him for 25 years, and he really knows what he’s doing. He’s a really strong kind of guy, which you need to be in a business like this.”

Porcelli takes pride that patrons consider his fare to be of a quality well beyond that offered in most pizza places. Beth Star, a repeat customer, said:

“I really love the food. The quality is very consistent. I like the ingredients so much that I buy his dough and sauce and use it to make our own pizza at home.”

Other businesses also benefit when a restaurant achieves reliable success. For the area printing company that produces flyer printing to advertise meal deals, or the vendor that supplies fresh calamari for Porcelli’s speciality pizza, the continued strong customer support for The Pizza Place is welcome. ” Porcelli added:

“I like it here because this is a great neighborhood. They like to eat good food… I give the customers really good food – without that, you’ve got nothing.”