Exterior renovations undertaken at local grocer

November 25, 2013 by  

The Lindell Delicatessen & Grocery in Long Beach near Hewlett is currently undergoing exterior renovations and will be opened in another three to four weeks, its co-owner recently announced. Most likely banner printing is being used around the building to let people know when the deli will be reopened for business.

According to P.J. Whelan, the outside of the building is being refaced with new brick. There are also seven apartments on the second floor of the building, and the landlord is both paying for and undertaking the project. The work is being done by Aniano Brothers contractors.

The building is located on the northeast corner of West Park Avenue and Lindell Boulevard and has housed the family-owned business for 40 years. According to Whelan, the building itself most likely dates back to the 1950s, meaning that the work be carried out is primarily related to the age of the building and not Hurricane Sandy.

There was about $80,000 in damages at that time from flood waters, and electrical damage meant that there was no heat or hot water in the building, but Kevin and Marge Whelan, the co-owner’s brother and mother respectively, said that the deli was able to reopen after about seven months.

The Lindell Delicatessen & Grocery has been serving the Long Beach community since the 1970s. Available in the deli are fresh salads and Boar’s Head deli meats. The eatery also provides catering services for both small and large parties with a variety of entrée dishes.