Beauty to be found in the unexpected

March 10, 2013 by  

The Long Island Center of Photography (LICP) is offering visitors a chance to see the world the many ways it does, as an exhibition opens to the public this month.

The talented artists at the LICP possess the gift of seeing splendor and vibrancy in the familiar and commonplace. For many, the colors, shapes and textures of such objects would go unnoticed. However, to the inquisitive and perceptive eye, the unique qualities of everyday surroundings come to life. Through the lens of an artist, there is no such thing as ordinary or distinctive. Even dirt is transformed to eye candy when photographed by an inspired and skilled artist.

The LICP is an exclusive group that offers a wellspring of photography-centered courses designed to enhance the community by opening creative channels and providing artistic gateways. Photographers and artists (whether amateur or professional), critics, and the public are welcome to join them and encouraged to develop and display their efforts.

The Hewlett-Woodmere library, the venue for the exhibit, was founded in 1947 and features an art gallery and a quaint recital hall. Summer concerts are held in The Cranin Courtyard, which is also a charming outdoor setting where people are welcome to read and study.

The upcoming LICP exhibition will be held there every day beginning March 12 through April 3. Admission is free. The library is located at 1125 Broadway in Hewlett—in proximity to a printing and stationery printing company. For more information, please visit the website or call 516-374-1967.