A golden possibility for Hewlett residents

October 3, 2012 by  

Residents in Hewlett looking for that special shiny gift this holiday season may soon have another option. A new jewelry store is slated to open in nearby Long Beach at 250 E. Park Avenue, between Monroe and Long Beach Boulevards.

On October 16, the City Council will hold a public hearing on a petition to exempt the new store from current off-street parking requirements. Granting the application should clear the way for David Goldstein, owner of the jewelry business, to open his shop.

The store will fill a vacancy left when Healing Oasis, a massage therapy business, moved to a new location that was once home to Carleton & Dayne, a specialty gift store. Keeping commercial space filled is a prime concern for communities. In addition to the tax revenues generated by retail activities, keeping storefronts filled is one way to lure foot traffic to a shopping district, reduce vandalism, and create a positive community image for visitors and potential new residents.

A new business also signals the possibility of new jobs and a boost to the bottom line for other, established ventures. For the local print company, it represents an opportunity to produce fliers, print brochures, and distribute other advertising pieces

In recent years, the city of Long Beach has made concerted efforts to be an attractive destination for visitors and an appealing community for residents. Building a diverse retail, hospitality, and arts sector are all important contributors in support of city officials’ vision. The proposed jewelry store offers one more golden opportunity in that direction.