North Hempstead looks forward to film festival

April 11, 2012 by  

Between its preparations for the Gold Coast International Film Festival and the testing out of a biodiesel program, it’s clear that North Hempstead has ambitious goals for the future.

If the flyer printing that’s likely been making the rounds hasn’t already alerted residents, North Hempstead is going above and beyond in making sure everything goes according to plan with the Gold Coast International Film Festival coming up. Starting June 1st and going for several days with a conclusion of around June 5th, the town is expecting a large number of tourists and has already invested a quarter of a million towards this cause.

With a turnout of at least 30,000 being the norm for this event, the town anticipates earning its money back and then some. The boost that this will give the local economy is another factor that shouldn’t be discounted. As for the actual locations of the screenings, the Great Neck Arts Center as well as the Roslyn and Squire Cinemas are just some of the places where movies will be showing.

Speaking of maintaining fiscal responsibility, North Hempstead has also been making moves in the direction of producing biodiesel from cooking oil. The idea behind this new program is to put the old saying of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure” to good use. With the help of local restaurants in this instance, the town hopes to use the biodiesel to save money fueling the town’s vehicles while benefitting the environment as well.

Residents and local businesses alike can anticipate a flurry of activity in the upcoming weeks.