Open mic night uncovers new singers and songwriters

May 21, 2013 by  

A modified open mic night got underway last month and allows the many wonderful new singers and songwriters in the area to gain exposure. The new format enlivens the creative process, allowing each artist to provide a touch of the background behind his or her work.

The night is held in Glen Cove and offers the perfect opportunity to work with brochure printers, flyer printers, and other local print companies to gain some exposure. This is particularly useful for budding artists and small businesses.

Every time a new performer comes on stage, they tell a short story about the creation of their song, perform their number, and then the spotlight will switch to a new artist. The spotlight keeps switching artists, in a round-robin fashion, until each performer has shared four songs total. The style of music ranges from folk to pop/rock, with a touch of everything in between.

The menu is specially designed for the event. Jeanine DiMenna, the head chef at Page One, has designed new burger combos, a mussel dish, lamb souvlaki, and hot sauce, in addition to an array of off-the-menu specials. Generously portioned, the meals range in price from $5 to $15.

The open mic night is on the third Thursday of every month (meaning the next one will be June 20), located on 90 School Street, at Page One Restaurant. Featured performances begin at 8:00 pm and last long into the night. Attendees are invited to arrive at this event every month for continuous exposure to local up-and-comers.