Nassau County hosts inaugural exhibit in New York

November 9, 2013 by  

The Nassau County Museum of Art is hosting a Peter Max exhibit until February of next year; it is the first exhibit dedicated to the popular artist to have been held in the state.

The show will feature several of the artist’s major works, as well as an in-depth look at his initial drawings. The art of Max was especially popular in the 1960s and he produced many posters and album covers. He greatly influenced much of the art of that decade, including that of the Beatles film ‘Yellow Submarine’, which was mistakenly attributed to him.

One special event taking place during the exhibit is A Conversation with Peter Max. Author Charles A. Riley II will sit down for a conversation with the artists. Afterwards, Max will sign books and posters that have been purchased at the museum.

When advertising major exhibits such as this, local printing companies, no doubt including those in nearby Glen Cove, are often asked to provide products such as posters and flyers to be distributed.

The Peter Max exhibit is showing at the Nassau County Museum of Art in Roslyn Harbor until February 23, 2014. Admission to the museum is $10 for adults, $8 for students, and $4 for children. The museum is open daily from Tuesday through Sunday.

A Conversation with Peter Max is taking place on December 8 beginning at 3:00 pm. Tickets are $5 for museum members or $15 for non-members, which will include admission to the museum.