Major cafe chain opening restaurant in Glen Cove

April 5, 2014 by  

Mayor Reginald A. Spinello recently announced that Panera Bread will be opening a new location in downtown Glen Cove. This is the first step in the planned Village Piazza renovation project in the area; the majority of the building for that will begin in the late fall of this year.

Panera Bread is a cafe-bakery which has more than 1,700 locations in 45 states and in Canada. The downtown location will be 4,500 square feet in size and will fit 120 seats. There will also be an outdoor dining area and a drive-through.

Construction is set to begin soon and the cafe is expected to open in mid-summer of 2014. The company is already hiring people for 42 jobs at the new restaurant. This includes shift supervisors, a catering delivery drive, cafe managers, catering coordinator, and cafe associates.

Mayor Spinello has stated that the fact Panera Bread has chosen Glen Cove means that the city has proven it is open for business.

There is no doubt that, once the cafe-bakery is open for business, it will be widely advertised in Glen Cove. Local stationery printers are sometimes asked to help provide advertising items to help spread the word. This can include flyers and booklets that are then distributed through mail or placed in local newspapers as inserts.