Glen Cove restaurant returns

July 31, 2012 by  

Talking earlier this month about why he decided to get back into business, Joe Weiser gave a succinct reason:

“I like this city. I think it has a lot of potential. Having this place here, I think, is good for the city.”

The city is Glen Cove and the place is Weiser’s latest restaurant venture, Water’s Edge, at Jude Thaddeus Landing.

The eatery is located at 74 Shore Road in Glen Cove’s waterfront district. For Weiser, this may seem like déjà vu because he has been here before. In 1998, he opened Steamboat Landing, a marina that also accommodated a restaurant, The Paddle Wheel Boat. By 2002, however, Weiser decided it was too much. He explained:

“Owning and operating both a restaurant and marina is demanding. I needed some of my life back.”

For this reason, he sold the restaurant in 2002. In 2011, the property was foreclosed on and The Paddle Wheel sat empty. Weiser decided to put the place back to work and, this past June, opened The Water’s Edge. Remodeling, a revamp of the menu and prices, and building a reputation as a family dining experience in a beautiful setting are all part of his strategy to bring back customers.

The new business is a boon for diners as well as other Glen Cove businesses. Obviously, close-by food wholesalers benefit from a new restaurant but they are not the only ones. Printing companies, for example, that can produce menus, fliers, and newspaper circulars could be in for a new customer when an eatery opens or reopens its doors.

Weiser is hopeful St. Jude, the patron saint of “lost causes”, and the ‘Jude’ referred to in Jude Thaddeus Landing will bless this latest endeavor. Potential, as he says, is very much on his mind.