Glen Cove resident named Person of the Year

January 9, 2018 by  

Carol Waldman, Glen Cove Senior Center executive director and antiques dealer, was named Person of the Year for the Herald Gazette. This is the first time the Herald Gazette has given this honor.

Waldman discovered her love of working with the elderly population when she taught a class on English as a second language to a group of senior citizens. Marilyn Brenner, who served as the SAGE foundation president, told the Gazette that she had never seen anyone care for the people they serve more than Waldman does.

The Gazette also interviewed Laura, Waldman’s daughter, who said that she learns from her mother every day, and called her wise, kind, and thoughtful.

In 2016, Waldman organized a seminar at Hofstra University which lasted all day and focused on aging. Titled ‘Shifting the Perspective: Aging and Creativity’, the event was created with the National Center for Suburban Studies. Waldman participated in organizing the event at all levels.

Social worker at the senior center, Sherri Meaghar, told the Gazette that Waldman cared deeply about people, showing a great deal of warmth, and stated that she had learned a great deal from Waldman over the years.

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