Glen Cove resident makes a difference

October 16, 2012 by  

If all goes according to plan, women recently released from Nassau County Correctional Facility will have a new housing option in Glen Cove by the end of 2012.

Lisa Cohn, formerly a co-owner of a telecommunications company that recently sold, is now dedicating her skills and talents to the establishment of housing for women re-entering the community after incarceration.

Cohn, who volunteers at the correctional institution, noted that women in the facility are always asking when the housing will be available and if they can come there. It is no secret the need for this type of residence for women far exceeds current capacity.

The majority of women Cohn sees are in prison thanks to charges stemming from substance abuse problems. Many of them also have histories of being abused, yet without alternatives, some of them may have little choice other than return to their homes and communities after their release.

When it comes to alternative housing for ex-offenders, there are about 10 times more residential options for men than for women. Cohn hopes to have her two homes operating and ready for applicants by the end of the year. This type of community endeavor appeals to many local organizations, such as the church that can supply volunteers to assist with remodeling or the print company that can donate print brochure copying services to assist with donation requests.

Cohn is seeking contributions of all kinds but metal bed frames would be particularly welcome. To make a donation, call 516-759-0643.