Glen Cove in a theater near you

August 5, 2012 by  

A Glen Cove sound engineer proved to be the vital last piece of the puzzle in celebrated film maker and comedian Woody Allen‘s new movie.

Famed actor/director, Woody Allen’s latest movie, “To Rome With Love” holds a special fascination for residents of Glen Cove, especially Fred Guarino. He’s the owner/sound engineer of Tiki Studios, located on Glen Street.

Guarino did the sound track production, recording, and mixing for Allen’s latest film. It turned out to be more challenging task than most moviegoers realize. An expert clarinetist, Allen is exacting when it comes to all aspects of his movies, including the music. For this project, he and his composer/producer, Angelo DiPippo turned to Tiki when they ran into problems with the original music selected for the score. Guarino explains:

“We had the task of recreating 45-year-old recordings that the editors loved but couldn’t secure the rights to use.

“So they decided to rerecord the music exactly as they are heard on the original recordings.”

Once re-created, the music had to be seamlessly mixed into the film’s track and matched up with the other recordings already edited into the movie. All of this was done under the watchful eye and exacting direction of Perdido Productions, Allen’s company. Tiki Studios proved to be up to the task.

Though high-quality sound recording and production is a niche business, any company that builds a reputation of success with entertainment projects makes a valuable contribution to the larger community. For local vendors that also provide services needed in the film industry, for example printing companies that can produce flawless advertising materials such as posters, there’s a decided boost from the Tiki Studio achievement.