Glen Cove businesses provide relief

November 9, 2012 by  

Four Glen Cove restaurants are doing their part to ease the misery of local residents in the wake of Hurricane Sandy. Forest Pizza, Glen Cove Bagel Café, Stango’s, and The Downtown Café have power and all are providing more than food to members of this beleaguered community.

Needless to say, since the storm, the cafes have been drawing crowds of hungry, cold, and weary patrons. Despite opening early and staying late, the lines of customers are often out the door and down the block.

John Compitello, owner of the Bagel Café, said:

“Sometimes I apologize for the situation. It gets really crowded and people have to wait.

“They respond that they’re thankful we’re open. Everybody is appreciative. We own seven Bagel Cafes, and the sense of community here is incredible.”

Generators allow Compitello to keep appliances working, lights on, and the food coming but customers can only use cash for their purchases.

John Zozzarro, owner of The Downtown Café, noted:

“We’ve been really busy but we just keep working, and our customers have been patient with us. We feel like we’re helping people out. There’s somewhere to go to eat.”

At Stango’s, the owners allowed residents to come in and charge their electronic devices. These acts of kindness and generosity are not limited to restaurants, of course. Whether it’s a print company that donates services for flyer printing, or a drug store handing out bottled water, the local business community is pulling together with residents to help ease the suffering in Glen Cove wrought by super storm Sandy.