A business gain for Glen Cove

May 18, 2012 by  

Thanks to John Beyer, Glen Cove recently acquired something coveted by municipalities: a new, tax-paying business. As a bonus, the community also lost something: an eyesore.

Speaking about the building he renovated to house his self-storage company, Men on the Move, Beyer said he turned “a pig into a prince”. The property was once owned by Photocircuits; a circuit board maker that went out of business in 2007. Beyer’s remodeled facility sits on a two-and-a-half-acre lot once thought to be as polluted the rest of the former company’s 25-acre site.

However, Glen Cove authorities discovered the building and adjacent area were clean. Once he got the go-ahead, Beyer went to work and refurbished the 58,000 square foot building. He also added a second floor expanding the square footage to 89,000.

Now an 800-room, climate-controlled facility with video surveillance, Men on the Move is able to accommodate 24-hour storage access; an especially attractive feature for contractors. It has a mix of different storage options, from four-foot high lockers to 300-square foot spaces complete with formal loading docks.

Men on the Move also offers customer potential, making it a doubly appealing newcomer. For instance, print companies know the arrival of a new business often signals increased orders for stationery and flyer printing.

According to Beyer’s sister, Denise, director of self-storage development for Men on the Move, the welcome mat was unrolled early. Ten of the storage spaces were rented before the building officially opened in early April. With that kind of reception, it seems clear Men on the Move will be staying put in Glen Cove.