Manhattan Business Network to have meeting January 17th

January 14, 2012 by  

The Manhattan Business Network will be hosting another breakfast meet-up on January 17th.

Continuing to build upon its reputation as a high quality networking group, Manhattan Business Network will be holding this meeting at the Croton Reservoir Tavern in New York City. Nonetheless, this event is going to be every bit as structured as the ones that have gone on before.

Everyone present will be able to give a 60 second elevator pitch while every week one member is allowed to speak for 10 minutes. While this approach may require some getting used to, it’s a philosophy that seems to be working.

Organizers describe it this way:

“We meet early (at 7:00 am) to encourage participation by only serious and committed professionals. Our members value new business and new opportunities more than sleep!

Our schedule respects YOUR schedule: we conduct a fast-paced, 75-minute meeting format that gets you out in time to make a 9:00 am meeting in Midtown.

Unlike cocktail parties, trade associations and other casual “networking” groups, we meet weekly and attendance is mandatory. This format is proven to be the most effective networking formula. We help you form crucial personal relationships with group members four to five times faster than a monthly meeting…”

Making attendance mandatory while rigidly following the one professional per industry rule, the Manhattan Business Network asks a lot from its members. Given the pace of these meetings, any Franklin Square business owners making this drive will want to arrive with a good attitude and a healthy amount of business card printing in hand.