Major networking event being held April 16

April 8, 2012 by  

One of the highlights of this month for Forest Hills professionals is the opportunity to get more business contacts through the upcoming “Networking Blowout for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors & Small Businesses” event that’s taking place on the 16th.

As most business owners are already aware, a productive networking session requires spending time interacting with a wide variety of individuals. Not just those could become clients or joint venture partners in the future, but also investors and specialists in other fields.

Interestingly enough, the “Networking Blowout for Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Investors & Small Businesses” is going to be an event that provides the type of balance that entrepreneurs are normally looking for at these shindigs. With angel investors, those who specialize in green technology, and Real Estate professionals all expected to make an appearance here, the possibilities become all the more enticing.

The chosen venue for this event is going to be Public House in New York City. With its comfortable interior decorating and the nice variety that can be found on its menu, this is a restaurant that will enhance the overall networking experience. Sporting a long list of attendees as it stands at the moment, this is going to be one of those events that will require giving a local print company a call and making a sizable business card printing order. This is without mentioning the fact that there’s a $250 sponsorship package that’s still available for the taking.

In light of the fact that spots are limited, however, prospective attendees will have to move fast to purchase tickets.