Forest Hills welcomes its 3D hero

July 10, 2012 by  

Forest Hills’ favorite “swinging” crime fighter was again on the big screen, drawing throngs of excited fans to the neighborhood’s Midway movie theater. At midnight, July 3, “The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D” opened across the country but the picture holds a special place in the hearts of local residents.

In his day job, Spider-Man is known as Peter Parker. Orphaned as an infant, he is sent to live in Forest Hills with his Uncle Ben and Aunt May Parker. Peter’s superhero arachnid powers were bestowed on him at a science fair thanks to a bite from a radioactive spider. The rest is comic book history.

Expected to gross more than $125 million on its opening day, this rework of the 2002 Spider-Man movie has Forest Hills’ locals lining-up to see their “hometown” high-school boy search for clues to his parents’ deaths, confront the The Lizard (the evil alter-ego of his father’s former partner, Dr. Connors), and navigate his first serious romance with the lovely Gwen Stacy.

Critical reviews have been generally positive and that sentiment is echoed by moviegoers like Joe Lazauskas, who enthused:

“It was great, it was the best one.”

Already breaking box office records overseas, “The Amazing Spider-Man in 3D” stands a good chance of surpassing the total gross receipts of the prior Spider-Man films which ranged between $750 and $900 million. This kind of summer blockbuster movie is good news for all, from the studio that produced the movie to the company that did the poster printing for the movie’s placards that hang in theater lobbies.

Spider-Man has cast a wide web of fiscal joy and viewing fun to kick-off the traditional summer, blockbuster season, at least in his “hometown” of Forest Hills.