Forest Hills grows a “garden”

June 15, 2012 by  

A small slice of Madison Square Garden recently showed-up in Forest Hills and is getting a lot of local “play.” Peter Massaro, a basketball buff and owner of the Cobblestones Pub, has recently opened a regulation-sized half basketball court behind his establishment. Massaro explained:

“I did it to give people in the community another place to play.”

Accented in orange and blue, the famous Garden colors, the court already has 32 signed-up 32 and has started 3-on-3 contests. Though it would seem a good ploy for attracting bar business, Massaro insists he’s not making a dime off the endeavor. In fact, he is even organizing youth squads in the hope that youngsters will hone their ball skills during summer vacation.

Enlisting the services of Division 1 referees for the contests, Massaro has insured the games will run smoothly and with strict fouling policies. He has been clear that he invested in the court to create a basketball oasis, not a spot for drinking games.

Cobblestones has been in Forest Hills since 1985 and the basketball innovation shows the kind of creative community involvement that makes the establishment a good neighbor. Contributions by businesses, everything from items for fundraising raffles to free poster printing for event publicity, are important tools and can in strengthen ties with local customers and patrons.

Massaro claims his private court of hoop dreams fulfills a long-time vision. For ball players, big and small, the converted parking lot behind Cobblestones is a dream come true, at least for as long as it takes to play a hot game of 3-on-3.