HSBC Children’s Garden kicks off the summer

May 30, 2013 by  

The HSBC Children’s Garden, located inside the stellar Queens Botanical Garden near Flushing, NY, is once again hosting a weekly children’s sessions both this month and in June. The HSBC Children’s Garden Spring Sessions are held on Saturdays and are developed to educate children on respecting our natural world and separating it from pollution and industrialization.

This organization stresses the importance of taking measures to continue to experience all of the pleasures of spring and summer, and the cyclical joys those seasons bring when they come round.

Children (and adults) can expect to participate in a number of outdoor centric activities. As the name implies, the main priority is the education and enjoyment of planting and harvesting a number of flowers, herbs, and vegetables. Various classes are offered and fees are posted on the venue website.

Promoting courses and activities such as this is can be done by working with a local printing company to produce materials specially designed to be effective in communicating to the public. Flyer, poster, and banner printing are common requests as each serves a substantial purpose in promoting events.

Also available is a fantastic jaunt through the Bee Garden, which gives an up close and personal viewing of nature’s methods for growing new plants. In all, these promise to be great events for kids, parents, and lovers of the outdoors.

The sessions began at the start of May, but there is still time to get involved, with courses to be held every Saturday up to and including June 15.