Flushing park reclaimed

August 12, 2012 by  

Meadow Lake park, in the Flushing Meadows-Corona Park neighborhood, received another facelift thanks to $1.27 million dollars in upgrades completed at the start of August.

City parks officials announced completion of the work in Meadow Lake, where improvements included repairs and upgrades to deteriorating bicycle and walking paths, as well as a new rain garden. The garden serves two purposes – aiding beautification and serving as a retention bed for rain water.

Constructed near a source of water run-off, a superficial depression is seeded with deep-rooted, native plants, grasses, and other flora. The area acts as a natural sponge by trapping fresh rain water that normally would spill into the sewer system, picking-up sediment, pesticides, salt, fertilizer, and other unwanted pollutants on its path.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony celebrating Meadow Lake’s enhancements, outgoing Parks Commissioner, Adrian Benepe, noted:

“With the City’s population growing, our infrastructure aging, and our environment becoming more unpredictable, it is no longer enough to design attractive parks. We must also design parks that are accessible to a wider variety of park visitors and friendlier for the environment.”

Numerous urban planners point out the benefits of maintaining attractive, public spaces. They act as drawing cards for new housing and business ventures, which is a welcome development for established retailers, from the corner deli to the local printing company. Needless to say, visitors to the area are more likely to want to visit a well-kept park as well.

Along with these latest enhancements, Meadow Lake has also been the recipient of a dock and modernized boathouse within the last two years.