Business support recognized in Flushing

September 12, 2012 by  

Flushing is exactly the kind of community Governor Andrew Cuomo wants to promote when it comes to small business development. That sentiment was reinforced at the end of last month when 250 people filled a meeting room in the Flushing Library to attend a forum on business initiatives, which was launched by Cuomo himself.

When the initiative was first announced, Cuomo stated:

“This [business development] program is all about creating jobs because when small businesses do well, New York does well.”

Attendees at the forum heard presentations from representatives of a number of departments, including the Workers’ Compensation Board and Empire State Development.

According to Alphonso David, New York State Deputy Secretary for Civil Rights, the purpose of the forum was to insure that interested citizens are informed of the free resources, programs, and services available through the state to support business development and business expansion.

David noted that Flushing was exactly the type of community appropriate to the state’s outreach effort, saying:

“There’s a large group of people here in Queens that operate [sic] small businesses and may not be aware of the services that we have to offer.”

Whether it is an owner of an ethnic restaurant, a niche software development group, a local printing company, or a would-be entrepreneur who just has a good idea, Cuomo’s administration is eager to let businesspeople know that the state’s interests are aligned with theirs.

Anyone interested in learning more about New York State’s initiatives can get information online.