Rambassadors called for in Farmingdale

April 25, 2013 by  

Within the last month, Farmingdale State College in New York has implemented a program called ‘Rambassadors’, which consists of an elite student internship program. The program is being managed through the Office for Institutional Advancement and Enrollment Services.

Activities involved with the program will include representing the college in open house programs, campus tours, and recruitment events. Often, colleges will work with print companies in ordering poster printing so they can place the posters strategically on campus advising of current programs.

Fifty students will be selected to participate in the Rambassadors program. Other activities associated with it may include attending tours, contributing to the blog and vlog, involvement in the social media training sessions and activities, marketing videos, working with photo shoots, and assisting with media on other social networks.

Selection criteria for the program will have many requirements. Dedication to the program with the ability to commit oneself, along with a passion for the college, will be key components.

Confidence in public speaking is essential, and effective written skills will be required. First impressions are important so members of the program must have exceptional presentation skills and demeanor. Being responsible and dependable is mandatory as well.

Students participating in the Rambassadors program will reap many benefits, including compensation or academic credit. Developing leadership skills will be a major benefit as students interact with international and regional students, parents, faculty and the general public. Social media skills will also be honed, creating a marketable skill in today’s business world.

The college website has full information about the Rambassadors program online, as well as the application.