Farmingdale smartens up

July 31, 2012 by  

Speaking in May about his plans to develop a site across from the train station that once was occupied by a deteriorating warehouse, developer Anthony Bartone had this to say about the plan and its location of Farmingdale:

“We knew this would be a project that would change the village and make it a destination again.”

Months ago, Farmingdale officials approved a master plan for 60 acres within the village limits. This was a bold move to attract new business and residents. Bartone’s plans are a good example of what officials hope will be the future for the town.

A three and half story, 115-unit apartment complex with retail space on the ground level is the first phase of Bartone’s development vision. Next comes an 85-room extended stay hotel operated under the Hilton franchise. Given the latest trend in “smart growth” principles for urban/suburban development, Farmingdale could become a model for other Long Island communities.

Renewed growth that brings in new business and residents will be music to the ears of the already established business community. For companies that provide services such as brochure printing or catalog printing that support the advertising needs of new endeavors, development efforts like those in Farmingdale are completely appreciated.

Bartone sees the village as poised to attract and retain young people thanks to its emphasis on being a walkable, mass-transit friendly location. As he noted, Farmingdale has everything needed to be a vibrant, revitalized community. Ralph Ekstrand, village mayor, said of this latest effort:

“We are going for controlled change. I truly believe for villages to remain sustainable we have to grow, we have to develop.”