Farmingdale presents a unique image workshop

April 3, 2014 by  

Next week, an opportunity for the inner artist to let the creative juices flow will be offered courtesy of the Mindy Joy Rose workshop in Farmingdale.

The evening will present ‘Mindy’s Pixel Playtime’, set in a digital sandbox. Mindy will focus on using creativity for processing imagery, while also discussing techniques for editing.

The processes to be discussed will include programs that are browser-based and can be downloaded. The workshop will present easily used interfaces, and a minimum of knowledge is required to participate.

Technical perfection will not be the center of attention, as the presenter feels the opportunity to leave the rules behind and reach beyond the norm is one of the major attractions of the workshop.

Experienced or novice photographers are welcome and it does not matter what type of cameras are used. Attendees typically use phones, tablets, DSLR cameras, or high-tech devices.

Tricks and navigation features such as adding textures, graphics, text, frames, effects, and filters will be demonstrated. Other basic enhancements will also be explored, such as pixel bending.

Workshop presenters often use flyer printing to produce communication materials to advertise upcoming sessions. The flyer will contain the event, location, date, and time. General, concise content about the workshop should be included, usually in a bullet style presentation.

The workshop will be held April 7. Visit the website to reserve a ticket.