A tasty idea comes to Farmingdale

May 17, 2012 by  

Farmingdale shoppers are looking forward to a yummy event. Jim and Courtney Thompson, father and daughter owners of “A Taste of Long Island,” are excited about their new Main Street store, which is due to during May.

Selling everything from hand-churned butter to designer beers, the Thompsons’ specialty food shop will only offer items produced on Long Island. The retail operation is the business most consumers will know but another service is also available at the Main street location.

Licensed kitchen space will be available for individuals with a home-grown product that requires cooking to be commercial. Jim Thompson said:

“In addition to the products we’ll showcase, we’re a stepping stone for people who need to rent kitchen space.”

Courtney Thompson likes the idea that “A Taste of Long Island” will be helping great people market delicious, locally-grown foods. There’s also a bonus for area charities, as the Thompsons have announced that a percentage of sales from the specialty foods store will go to different non-profit organizations.

It’s evident that Farmingdale shoppers, budding foodie entrepreneurs, and general philanthropy will get a boost from the opening of “A Taste of Long Island.” The business community also gains every time a new merchant comes onto the scene. From the printing company that produces fliers and brochures to the utility company that supplies the power, the opening of a new retail outlet is always a welcome event in any community.

For the Village of Farmingdale and the owners Jim and Courtney Thompson, “A Taste of Long Island” is a savory development indeed.