Pittsford Chamber to hold 2012 Business Expo

April 8, 2012 by  

fairport professionals have a unique opportunity to put themselves in front of people, with the Pittsford Chamber of Commerce hosting the 2012 Business Expo and Networking Event on the 11th.

As far as getting to know other business owners and acquiring new contacts go, it’s tough to beat the productivity that’s associated with a Business Expo. Beginning at 6:00pm, and expected to continue for about 2 hours, this upcoming event will be another great chance for local and nearby entrepreneurs to get some face time with potential clients and joint venture partners.

Even better for many attendees is the fact that the Pittsford Chamber of Commerce is making tables available at affordable rates. Costing $75 for business owners who want to participate and a mere $25 for members of the Pittsford Chamber, the price of getting a table is a definite incentive for most. Not just because it’s a great way to save financially, but also because of the way that it frees up money and allows attendees to spend more on presentation.

Due to the networking portion of this event, top grade business card printing is definitely needed at this event. Along with that, however, there are other printing services that’ll be necessary like flyer printing, stationery printing, and likely catalog printing as well. When used along with a good supply of high quality brochures, business owners with an eye on this event will find it easier to spread themselves out throughout the evening.

Free to attend otherwise, business professionals are being asked to RSVP ahead of time.