Fairport wins

June 3, 2012 by  

Fairport is about to have a great time on a national scale, thanks to the Great Race 2012.

This contest, featuring antique cars, will start June 23 in Traverse City, Michigan, calling in at the Great Lakes, entering Canada, then later passing Western New York, and ending in Detroit. Participants will make a stop in the village on June 28.

As the home of Howard and Doug Sharp, winners of the 2011 race, Fairport has special significance. When it was first announced the village would be on the itinerary, Jeff Stumb, director of the Great Race, said:

“We knew we had to come to Fairport which is home of our defending champions Howard and Doug Sharp. It’s just gonna be fantastic. It’s just a huge event.”

Fairport Mayor Fritz May agrees:

“To draw national attention to the Village of Fairport is monumental.”

Thousands of people are expected to line both sides of the road as the cars make their way down Main Street. Participants in each car will stop for an hour, get some lunch, and chat with fans. Bystanders will have an opportunity to get a picture with their favorite car, as well as grab something to eat from one of the local food vendors.

The national media attention that comes with this event is bound to be a boon for local merchants that cater to tourists. A secondary gain from this increased visitor demand goes to companies supporting tourism with services such as brochure printing or flyer printing.

While the final outcome of this year’s Great Race is still unknown, it’s clear the village of Fairport is a sure winner.