Fairport connects with media

August 3, 2012 by  

Fairport has had some high profile visitors this Spring and summer thanks to the village’s visibility as a premier summer destination for tourists.

Two travel writers, Val D’Elia and Debbie Stack have been in town to film stories on using and cruising the Erie Canal. D’Elia writes for the The Today Show, YNN, and New York #1. Stack is co-author of “Cruising America’s Waterways: The Erie Canal,” and arrived to shoot a segment for a new WCNY/PBS program scheduled to air in September. This past April, a crew from the UK’s Travel Channel came to film for a piece that will appear in November on “American Times,” a program with an estimated audience of 68 million.

media attention for the canal village just minutes from downtown Rochester also extends to print. Considered a model of waterfront economic and community development in Central New York, Fairport has garnered recognition in magazines such as Boating, and was the featured subject of national travel blogger, Karen Rubin.

Upgrades this summer to the village’s canal area and docking facilities should insure that boaters, bikers, and canal cruises continue to stop. As Fairport mayor “Fritz” May noted, the canal has been the town’s second main street for 30 years, a situation that delights the area’s business community.

Owners of establishments as diverse as boutique retailers that cater to the boating crowd or printing services that produce brochures for the local tourist board always applaud an up-tick in the visitor count. For the business community, the recent blitz of positive print and video coverage is a good sign Fairport will continue to have more and more enthusiastic callers in coming years.