Fairport Canal Days booked for the summer

January 3, 2014 by  

The annual Fairport Canal Days arts and crafts festival will take place in June in Fairport, New York within the Main Street area. The annual event has taken place for over 37 years and is one of the most popular art festivals in the region.

The community comes together each year with hundreds of volunteers donating thousands of hours of work to organize, promote and manage the festival. Ensuring a memorable, fun and safe experience is the focus of these outstanding community volunteers. The event attracts over 200,000 attendees each year.

Located along the Erie Canal in Rochester, the Village of Fairport is a popular stop for boaters as they travel through the canal in the summertime. Fairport has many fine restaurants and shopping along the streets attracting regular visitors.

The Fairport Perinton Merchants Association sponsors the Fairport Canal Days. The association is a non-profit organization representing business owners in Fairport and Perinton. It was formed in 1979 with the mission to promote commerce into the region. Through advertising, educational programs and networking the organization offers various member benefits.

Local print companies frequently work with the merchants in preparing for events. Business card printing is a project frequently handled by printers for companies. Business cards are an important tool in marketing, networking and branding for companies. Attending events such as the Fairport Canal Days presents a perfect opportunity to meet new prospects and distribute business cards.

The event takes place June 7 and 8, 2014. Artisan applications must be submitted by January 15, 2014 to participate in the show.