New City professionals and skilled workers group take unorthodox approach to business

February 27, 2012 by  

Not too far away from Elmsford, a New City-based group is planning to hold a meeting where individuals can discuss the direction things are going and engage in a bit of informal networking afterwards. While this might not sound like a normal event, the structure of the Rockland-Business/Entrepreneur-Social Network Committee lends an interesting twist.

The announcement made by organizers on the Rockland-Business/Entrepreneur-Social Network Committee page is really quite simple. It reads as follows:

“Dear Fellow Entrepreneur’s:

Please join me on Pre-Birthday meeting. Where we will discuss how we can move this group forward to the “profit” side. This will be followed by us watching “Presidential Debates”. Thank you. I look forward to seeing you there” (sic.)

On the surface of it, this smaller group definitely sounds like a regular networking opportunity. Even so, the concept behind the Rockland-Business/Entrepreneur-Social Network Committee is something business owners and professionals don’t always see on a regular basis.

As explained by the Committee President:

“Our group will work to build a business from scratch. All members of the group will receive shares in this startup company based on there contribution financially or work related and skills that they bring to the table. This is your chance to take financial control of your life.” (sic.)

With various members of the group working together to decide on larger topics like the company product or service as well as smaller details like the question of banner printing versus flyer printing, there’s no denying that these individuals will be learning valuable lessons where it works out or not.