Elmsford area has news for you

November 23, 2013 by  

The next couple of days see two events in the area that might interest anyone with an eye for news and politics.

First up, Elmsford residents can enjoy a concert in celebration of past president John F. Kennedy to be held tomorrow, November 24, at Riverside Church, 91 Claremont Avenue in New York.

The concert begins at 4:00 pm and will feature performances by Tian Jiang on the piano, Texan Yaegy Park on the violin, the Francis Lewis high school concert choir, two Grover Cleveland school choirs, and the Schiller Institute Chorus. In addition, a short film of President Kennedy speaking will be shown to the students.

The following day, it will be time for a journalism security workshop at the Columbia Journalism School, 2950 Broadway in New York.

Beginning at 9:00 am, the session will provide information on how journalists can learn security practices for themselves, their sources, and the story itself. This is a three-day workshop that covers all aspects of digital and physical security practices.

The workshop instructors include: Quinn Norton; a writer who has been studying hackers since 1995. She has been published in ‘Wired’, ‘Maximum PC’, and ‘The Atlantic’. Also involved will be Frank Smith, the executive director of Global Journalist Security, who has specialized in covering armed conflicts, human rights, and organized crime.

With an emphasis on how the Internet has changed the world of journalism, this is likely to present an opportunity to pass out digital business cards to fellow journalists and media hopefuls.