NYNetworX to host first virtual networking session

January 23, 2012 by  

Busy East Northport business owners have a chance to network in an unorthodox way through NYNetworX February 1st, 2012.

Although it’s always important for professionals to interact with one another, not everyone is able to just grab their business card printing and go. Luckily for those based in the Tri-State Area, NYNetworX is using a combination of conference calls and regular events to facilitate the development of professional relationships. With the group listing its founding date as October 23rd, 2011, it goes without saying that NYNetworX has come together relatively quickly. When all of this is taken into account, the premise and the early support is undoubtedly promising.

Organizers issue their invitation as follows:

“…Networking is a must in this challenging time. New clients are not easy to find anymore and keeping existing clients can be just as hard. We want to bring like minded Business Professionals together in order to acquire more business, share ideas, get questions answered, and help the community. Come try us out.” (sic.)

Another interesting twist NYNetworX has added to the networking process is the fee structure of these events. In exchange for the ability to take calls and get referrals over the phone, the group is charging its members $15.00 a month instead of the annual or one-time fees entrepreneurs and professionals are probably used to.

Those making plans to join this innovative networking group are advised to be “there” early and to have an elevator pitch ready. This is a unique opportunity to give and receive referrals over the phone.